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Recent articles on the financial crisis

Opaque Trades

Finance & Development, March 2010

Randall Dodd

Overhauling The System

Finance & Development, September 2009

Randall Dodd

Exotic Derivatives Losses in Emerging Markets: Questions of Suitability, Concerns for Stability

(this paper did not go through formal authorization process, it was formatted with that intention)

Randall Dodd 

Playing With Fire: Exotic Derivatives in Emerging Markets

Finance & Development, June 2009

Randall Dodd 

Outbreak: U.S. Subprime Contagion

Finance & Development, June 2008

Randall Dodd 

Back to Basics: Over-the-counter markets

Finance & Development, June 2008

Randall Dodd 

Subprime: Tentacles of a Crisis

Finance & Development, December 2007

Randall Dodd

Perimeter of Regulation

IMF Staff Position Note, March 2009

Randall Dodd, et al


Articles in Magazines and Newspapers


Standards and Codes at the IMF

Presentation to book seminar on Standards and Codes issue

Randall Dodd, May 27, 2004

World Finances Need Democracy Too

Op-Ed in Topeka Capital Journal, April 26, 2004

[Also in Evening Times Little Falls, NY; Garden City Telegram, KS; The Laurinburg Exchange, NC]

Randall Dodd

A Voice for Developing Countries

Washington Post, April 24, 2004

Randall Dodd

Should the government do more to regulate financial markets?

Contribution to Wall Street Journals "Classroom Edition" and

Prentice Hall classroom textbook.

Randall Dodd, September 2003

Review of Robert Bryce's Pipe Dreams

Randall Dodd, Challenge, July-August 2003

Advice for Choosing the Next Head of OFHEO

Randall Dodd, July 2003, unpublished Op-Ed

Bad Medicine At A Bad Time: The Case Against the Dividend Tax Cut

Randall Dodd, January 2003, unpublished Op-Ed

Improving Financial Markets: Regulatory Proposals To Dampen Disruptions And Deter Distortions

Randall Dodd, May 2002, published in After Neoliberalism: Economic Policies That Work for the Poor. Washington, D.C. New Rules Coalition.

Untangling Enron: The Reforms We Need

Randall Dodd Challenge, March-April 2002

Maestro: Greenspan's Fed and the American Boom

Randall Dodd Challenge, May/June 2001

The Bush Team on International Financial Architecture

Randall Dodd unpublished, March 27, 2001

Deregulation of Derivatives Would Be a Bad Mistake

Randall Dodd - The American Banker, August  11, 2000

Derivatives Deregulation: Jettisoning the Safety Equipment

Randall Dodd unpublished, July, 2000

Not Learning the Lessons of Long-Term Capital's Failure

Randall Dodd unpublished, July, 2000

Review of Krugman's Peddling Prosperity

Randall Dodd Challenge, Sep-Oct 1994

Review of Greider's Secrets of the Temple

Randall Dodd Challenge, May-Jun 1988



Past policy research for the US Congress

Treasury Debt Management

DSG Fact Sheet, 1993

Randall Dodd


NAFTA Fact Sheet - Arguments For and Against

DSG Fact Sheet, 1993

Randall Dodd


A Different Kind of Recovery

DSG Special Report, 103-7,1993

Randall Dodd


Bush Economic Forecast Shows He Will Set New Records for Post-War Era

DSG Special Report, 102-21, 1992

Randall Dodd


Bush: Economic Forecast Shows He Will Set New Record

DSG Special Report, 102-10, 1991

Randall Dodd


In The Red to China

DSG Special Report, 102-7, 1991

Randall Dodd


Home Emergency Loan Program

DSG Special Report, 102-05, 1992

Randall Dodd





Manuscripts, Letters and other writing


Lessons for Tobin Tax Advocates: The Politics of Policy and the Economics of Market Microstructure

Randall Dodd January 2003


Economic Rationale For The Prudential Regulation of Financial Markets

Randall Dodd May 2002


New Rules for Global Finance

Randall Dodd - April 2001


Repaying the Federal Debt: The Impact on Financial Markets and Monetary Policy

Randall Dodd - seminar at the Economic Policy Institute

October 4, 2000


Comment Letter: Critical Analysis of the Proposed New Framework for Regulation

Randall Dodd - Comment Letter to the CFTC - August 21, 2000


Ricky Foundations of Development Finance

Randall Dodd paper presented to the Eastern Economics Association, March, 1989




The Implications of Derivatives Deregulation for Agricultural Producers
Randall Dodd - presentation at the American Farm Bureau July, 2000


Derivatives Deregulation is Going Too Far Too Fast
Randall Dodd - presentation to DSC conference on the Hill July, 2000


Talking Points on H.R. 4541 and S. 2697

Randall Dodd - June, 2000




Primer: Derivatives

Primer: Derivatives Instruments

Primer: Glossary of Derivatives Terms

Primer: The Structure of OTC Derivatives Markets

Primer: Hedge Funds

Primer: Employee Stock Options: Basics

Primer: Employee Stock Options: Recent History

Primer: Sovereign Debt Restructuring

Primer: Transaction Taxes


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